About Us and Meet the Team

Who The Heck Are We Anyway??

FMR-FM Was Created By a Small Town Canadian Gal Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Was Getting Tired of Hearing the Same Songs Over and Over By The Same Bands, Knowing Full Well These Incredible Musicians and Artists Have a Plethora of Fantastic Music Few Get to Hear!

Over the Course of 10+ Years With a Great and Supportive Husband, (Not to Mention, Building This EPIC Website for Us), This Small Town Canadian Gal, Finally Realized Her Dream and Here We Are Today, to Play Some Amazing Music For You Featuring Three Wicked Dj's That I am Proud to Call Family!

DJ Adam Balm, Brings the Rock and Heavy Metal With His Truly Unique Flair! 

The Mis-Fit Nation, Rich's Amazing Talent to Bring on Meaningful Guests to Discuss Pivotal Topics, With Motivational Inspiration Is Definitely a Tune in MUST

The ONLY Female DJ in Colorado Playing the BEST Hard Rock, Heavy Metal From All Over the World, Who Just Happens to Own Her On Radio Station! Pretty Cool if Ya Ask Me